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Burgers Adventures in Atlanta: Favorite Burger Places

Burgers in Atlanta

Burger Babes: Sampling Burgers in Atlanta

Tasting a Holeman & Finch burger had been on my “Atlanta to do list” for a while. What’s the problem you may ask? Well, the infamous H&F burger was only made after 10 pm and only two dozen were available to those customers willing to show up early and wait. When I heard that Holeman & Finch chef and owner, Linton Hopkins, was making the burger an official menu item, my to-do list got a little bit easier. Cue my friend Donna who loves burgers and decided to join me. Cue a few other friends who were interested and Burger Babes was born.

Atlanta Burger BabesDon’t you love it when your friends join in your reindeer games?! There are 10 of us gals that meet monthly and try new (or not so new) burger joints in Atlanta — about 8 of us can make any given burger adventure — the more the merrier. So far, we’ve been to H&F, Chops (you can order off the menu), Haven (Tuesday night $18 burger special), Flip Burger, H. Harper Station and our most recent, pictured above, Bocado.

I’m always entertained by the many conversations around the table. As we catch-up on family, work and the trials and tribulations of the awful Atlanta traffic. We also pontificate on what makes a great burger. Juicy and messy vs the ability to taste delicious without condiments (who wants a burger without condiments??!!). And of course, what goes better with a burger than a glass of red wine.   

Personally, the Houston’s hickory burger remains my favorite so I featured it in my book, Free of Malice. This burger is crowned with three slices of Canadian bacon and chopped cheddar and onion, then a dollop of their hickory sauce and shoestring fries on the side. So, delicious!

Our 2016 burger list includes visits to: The Optimist, Miller Union, The Albert, One Eared Stag, The General Muir, Wrecking Bar Brewpub, OK Café, The Earl, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, to name a few.

Any other suggestions?

What’s your favorite burger joint?

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