The Trailer

Selfie Mixed Bag Team and Liz during trailer shoot
Selfie with the Mixed Bag Team during the FOM trailer shoot

One of my Free Ladies, Mimi Schroeder, suggested that I film a trailer for FOM.  A trailer? Isn’t that just for movies?  But I liked the idea and she had a referral for me: Mixed Bag Media.  

Let me tell you, from the first scouting meeting to filming the actual trailer, it has been a blast. First, we had to figure out where to shoot—not an easy task to find a quiet place that can be a law firm, a therapist office, a bedroom and outdoors for 10 hours on a limited budget.

I finally opted to use my house, transforming my dining room into a lawyer’s office and the living room into the therapist’s office. Only downside now is that Richard, my fiancé, likes those bookshelves in the dining room so much that they have managed to stay there!

Next – the casting. Well, Thomas Barnette, my dear friend and the inspiration for the Thomas character, was the obvious choice for the lawyer and when he read the lines of the trailer I wrote, he just nailed them. For the Laura character, I needed a pretty brunette with blue eyes. With Thomas’ pageant connections (he coached Miss Georgia who is now Miss America), that wouldn’t be hard. Brittany Sharp, a former Miss Georgia, was almost too pretty for the role, but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and boy can she act!  

During the shoot, she’d ask me for notes but I couldn’t think of one thing she could do differently. Though the Mixed Bag Media guys warned me that the shoot would take about 10 hours (really!), I couldn’t see how. I mean this was four scenes that would be edited down to one minute. But as we wrapped the last scene at 2 am (sorry to my neighbors!), I had a much better appreciation of the film world. The lighting, the sound, the multiple takes, well, they take time. This team of pros  was so good that they created the appearance of daylight even though it was evening and created a fake moon outside my upstairs bedroom. Now that’s talented! Speaking of moons, I’m over the moon pleased with the output.

Have a look for yourself—Jon Milavec and his team did an awesome job, right?



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