Theme Song

Thomas Barnette CDOn my first day of college at Georgia Tech, I got lost trying to find the civil engineering building. Thomas Barnette also happened to be lost, so we teamed up and found our way together. We tease that we’ve been lost ever since!

Over those four years, Thomas and I became close friends. I laugh – what do a black, gay, Christian guy and me, a white, straight, Jewish girl have in common? But we are like family. Thomas was nerd at GT. Well, I was too, so I really didn’t see the creative side of him until much later. I remember sitting in his car one day and he played a CD for me. The singer was amazing, I mean knock your socks off amazing. I didn’t believe Thomas when he said that it was him singing. And just as I was driven to write my book, he was equally driven to launch his first album—so being the task master that I am, we did just that.

From the mixing to the mastering to the photo shoot, to even debating the song order, we brought his dream to life. I always had in the back of my mind that I would feature one of his songs in my book and when I heard Let Me Breathe, the first song on his CD, that was it. I love that FOM has a theme song and I love that it was Thomas who made that happen.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think.


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