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Liz Lazarus | Free of Malice Launch Team
The “Free Ladies” PR Team.

Free of Malice will be available in mid-February 2016. So what’s happening in the meantime?

Quick back story. I have a full-time job so writing is my hobby and has been a therapeutic release for me since the book is based on my own experience. In the words of my PR team:

Free of Malice is a psychological, legal thriller set in Atlanta and based on the author’s experience. In 1989, Liz Lazarus was attacked in her off-campus house while attending GA Tech. Out of this trauma she has crafted a well-researched novel exploring the themes of self-defense, the criminal justice system, EMDR therapy, and gun ownership. Since her attack, Lazarus earned her MBA, lived in Paris, obtained her pilot’s license, had an exciting corporate career and is a Managing Director at a consulting firm focusing on strategic planning.

Among friends, I refer to Free of Malice as FOM so I’ll start doing that here as well. FOM has been a labor of love. I’ve written and honed the book over a series of years. Writing and then setting the draft aside. Once I met Jan Risher, my first of several editors, the momentum really picked up. Earlier this year, I decided to focus on completing the book. After several attempts to find a publisher I set off to self publish. This spring, following several deep edits to the draft, I went into design and layout. Over the summer I assembled a team to work with me to bring the book to market. We have a plan, timelines and milestones. We’re hard at work.

Currently, I’m in the final edit phase. I think the poetic term is looking for gentle readers. The working term is attracting advance readers and book clubs to kick the tires a final time.

With Mimi Schroeder and Erika Childers discussing PR and book clubs.

Additionally, the plans are coming together to launch the book in February 2016. I’ve assembled a dream PR team to bring FOM to life (or to a store near you). I call this group my “Free Ladies” because it’s a kick#@! group of women ((photo above L to R) NancyJeannette C Long, Lynn Epstein, Jill Dible, Dayl Soll, Mimi Schroeder and Erika Childers (not pictured)). With their talent and dedication the website is live. The media kit is available. Notes for book club discussions are downloadable. Outreach to book clubs is in full swing. And we shot footage for a book trailer last week. There is so much to do and they get the job done.

It’s exhilarating. It’s fun. It’s nerve racking. Bottom line, I’m loving every moment of planning and preparation.

More later,


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